Henchman of Souls

An Amazing New World in Fantasy Literature

We are pleased to announce the eBook release of “Henchman of Souls, Shades of Life,” the first book in the “Henchman of Souls” series of science fiction and fantasy novels (see excerpts here). In this work of fictional wizardry, Michael Behning weaves a tale that feasts upon legend, mythology, and philosophy, and challenges the reader to instinctively wonder, “Could it possibly be?” 


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When his wife is brutally attacked by troops from Earth Outpost Tacoma, Joel, a member of the Raheim, and an Aefrinite warrior, is easily swayed by the whisperings of the Dark Lord, Numite. War appears inevitable.

But Joel does not know that Taelin, an ancient sorceress, is racing to save him from the dark forces gathering around him. She joins Joel’s Master, Reimus, to help him survive an assassin’s mortal blow. But to survive does not necessarily mean to live. A Bridge of Time has claim upon the hero, though the Bridge of Death calls to him.

He is on a journey to discover himself, to save a friend, and to make war upon an archaic god. He is the hero, the Henchman. But to succeed he must remember who he is, and why he, a mortal, must stand between the Lords of Light and the God of Darkness.

What makes the release of these novels so amazing? HenchmanofSouls.Com is on the cusp of hosting a string of contests to benefit nonprofits, provide prizes to science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts, and to build collaboration with illustrators, photographers, actors, writers, musicians, and more. The fans, partners, and sponsors of these events will participate with Michael Behning in an unprecedented multimedia foray into science fiction and fantasy entertainment.


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